How Long Do You Have to Walk to Burn 500 Calories?


Calories burned when walking depend on a person?s weight. A person weighing 160 pounds will burn 500 calories walking at 3.5mph in a little more than an hour and a half.
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1. Start walking. It’s a great exercise that almost anyone can do. There are outdoor and indoor walking opportunities. You can burn 500 calories doing one and a half hours of
Activity Sheet. Activity. Effort in Time. Distance (kms) Aerobics. 10 minutes. 1. Aqua sizing. 10 minutes. 1. Basketball. 10 minutes. 1. Bowling. 30 minutes. 1. Cycling. 10 minutes.
If you weighed 150 pounds and walked moderately for 2 hours, you
You can burn 500 calories doing one and a half hours of race walking. It takes a little over two hours of general dancing to burn the 500 calories. Check out this site for more information
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It depends on the intensity of your walking as to how long you would have to walk to burn 500 calories. For example, if you walk considerably fast, you could burn off 500 cal in less than a mile. It also depends on your body weight.
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The time it takes to burn 500 calories depends upon the activity that is being performed. More strenuous activities can burn calories much faster than those that ...
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To burn a 1000 calories, one would have to take 20,000 steps, or walk about 10 miles. Every 1000 steps burns roughly 100 calories, but will vary depending on the ...
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