How Long Do You Leave Your Cell Phone in the Rice to Get Rid of the Water?


Generally people leave their cell phone in rice over night to get rid of the water in the phone. Most people say white rice must be used for it to work.
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1. Remove the battery from the phone. 2. Use the canned air to blow out as much of the water as you can. 3. Fill your bowl with about half of the rice and place the cell phone and
To save your wet cell phone, leave it in a bowl or bag
put in uncooked minute rice over night
I once exposed my Motorola W510 to rain, and it stopped working. After a day it dried out. So give it a day. All you got is time. Forget looking for other solutions. My only question
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You should keep your cell phone in rice for approximately 24 hours after you spill water on it, to ensure that the rice absorbs all of the moisture it can. ...
The length of time you leave your cell phone in uncooked rice after you've dropped it in water is twenty four ours. Be sure and remove the battery before putting ...
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