How Long Do You Live after Kidneys Shut down?


After kidneys shut down a person can live from a few days to possibly a week. Once the kidneys shut down the other organs soon follow.
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A person may have gradual worsening of kidney function for 10 - 20 years or more before progressing to end-stage kidney disease. Without dialysis or a kidney transplant, death will occur from the buildup of fluids and waste products in the body.
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My uncle died of cancer this year and he has 6 month or less to live.
The kidneys filter out waste products from the blood if they begin to fail they will become less efficient at doing this. If they fail all together waste would build up in the bloodstream
Kidney failure can be maintained on dialysis
In the past, grapes and raisins were used as training treats for dogs, until veterinarians noticed a trend of canines developing renal failure after ingesting grapes. The Animal Poison
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