How Long Do You Parboil Ribs?


You should parboil ribs on a low fire for about 30 minutes. You can then season them and put them into the oven for another hour or so until they are tender. The last step is to slather them with a sauce and slide them under the broiler or put them on a grill until they get slightly crisped over. Ribs can also be cooked on a grill instead of baked after parboiling.
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45 minutes to an hour is what I do. Then I grill both sides quickly with a few coats of barbecue sauce. Maybe 15-20 minutes on a gas grill after.
Parboiling takes the mystery of tenderness out of the rib equation! To parboil ribs: Start water boiling in a stew pot or any container which will allow you to completely submerge
You don't parboil ribs.Retain the flavor by cooking in a slow oven.
Yep. Maybe lower the temperature of the grill so the meat does not dry out. Par-boiling ribs is a hold over from the backyard grillers of the 50s and 60s who did not have a lot of
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