How long do you steam lobster tails?


The time it takes to steam a lobster tail depends on the weight of the lobster. A 2-ounce tail takes 10 minutes, a 4-ounce tail takes 12 minutes, a 6-ounce tail takes 15 minutes, an 8-ounce tail takes 20 minutes, and a 12-ounce tail takes 25 minutes. Anything heavier than 14 ounces generally takes more than 30 minutes to steam.

The best way to see if a lobster tail is finished steaming is if the meat is firm to the touch and white. One of the best ways to steam a lobster tail is to place a bamboo steaming tray over a pot of boiling water and observe it while it cooks.

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Fill the pot with water, about halfway. Bring it to a boil and fit the top of the pot with the steam chamber or steam basket, or use a colander. Place your thawed lobster tails in
How long should I steam a lobster
1.5 minutes per oz. (i.e. 6 minutes for a 4 oz tail, 9 minutes for a 6 oz tail, etc)
I think I would put them on wire rack and re-steam them over a pot of boiling water. Lobster tails sound so good! Don't microwave it or it might end up rubbery. Don't over cook!
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You can reheat cooked lobster tails by steaming them. Doing so will preserve the flavor and leave them soft and not rubbery. ...
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