How Long Does a 12 Cell Laptop Battery Last?


How long your 12 cell laptop battery lasts depends on how you use it. If you set your laptop to maximum performance and use a Wi-Fi, the battery will run out fast like in about 6 ½ hours but if you conserve it can go up to 8 1/2 hours.
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Just like other batteries, it depends on the usage. If you have everything set to max performance and are using wifi then the battery will run out a lot faster than if you conserve
To best understand the differences between 6-cell and 12-cell batteries, you should have a basic understanding of how batteries work. A cell is simply a battery in its simplest form
I have owned several laptops and it seems that on average, the battery last for about three to four hours of use before I need to recharge it. As far as the life of the battery, they
Depends on the laptop but usually 6-8
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A 12 cell battery lasts for about 8 hours but it adds extra weight as well. However, a battery that lasts 8 hours is far better than one that only last 2 or 3! ...
In order to determine how long does a 6 cell Laptop battery last, first consider the type of Laptop you own. Generally the 6 cell battery last about 2 hours depending ...
How long a laptop battery will last is really based on the usage of the laptop as well as storage. It will eventually wear out with time and use. You can find ...
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