How Long does a AA Battery Last?


It really depends on how it is used. For example, if the AA batteries are in a remote control, they can last for months. On the other hand, if the batteries are powering some child's toy, you are looking at about 4 days at the most.
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It really depends on the brand of the battery and how often you use the electronic or item that the battery is in. Energizer batteries are probably the best batteries out there!
I believe a AA battery lasts depending on the item you are using. Some items will use up batteries in a matter of hours. Again it depends of the amount of time you use it or the amount of power your item uses.
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1. Buy a reputable brand of AA battery. The storage life is longer, they don't discharge as much, and they usually power your electrical devices for longer. 2. Check the date stamp
Depends on what you use it on.
It is hard to say exactly which battery last longer without knowing the type, usage, and conditions. For example AA batteries used in CD player may run down faster than those used
Panasonic's EVOLTA: is the longest lasting AA battery cell in the
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How long AA batteries last will depend on the brand and what you are using them for. In a remote they can last for months, but in toys or digital cameras it might ...
Alkaline Duracell AA batteries should last approximately 20 or more hours. However, the life span of a battery highly depends on what type of device you are putting ...
Duracell batteries which are among the top rated batteries have a life span of about 400-900 milliamp hours per AA battery. This is of course varied with type ...
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