How Long Does a Bruise Take to Appear?


The length of time it takes for a bruise to appear may depend on the location, severity, and healing care of the bruise. In general, bruises appear soon after the damage or injury takes place. The dark color of bruises are caused by bleeding under the skin. The bleeding occurs due to small broken blood vessels underneath the skin, which are also known as capillaries.
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How long? A couple minutes to a couple hours, to even a couple days. It all depends on what kind of impact caused the bruise. As for what causes a bruise to appear, an impact against
A bruise is a traumatic injury of the soft tissues. If you have a bruise, you
When I go paintballing and I get hit. I get a gnarly blue/purple bruise the size of a half dollar almost immediately and it welts up 25 minutes later. It doesn't depend on the time
some people have weaker skin then others and this cause them to bruse ealisy. It is nothing to major to worry about but just in case go get it cheak out to ease your mind.
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A bruise appears on the body because of bleeding that occurs under the skin. Capillaries that are found within the skin have been damaged. The capillaries are ...
It takes a bruise approximately a few hours to twenty-four hours for it to develop. A bruise occurs when capillaries are damaged by trauma and blood travels into ...
A bruise will typically take twelve to twenty-four hours to show up after the injury has occurred. However, the severity of the injury will determine how quickly ...
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