How long does a calf strain take to heal?


According to the Summit Medical Group, healing time for calf strains varies significantly, but generally a minor strain healsin a few weeks, while severe strains take at least six weeks. Recovery depends upon the patient's age, health and history of strains, as well as the severity of the injury.

The Summit Group explains that a calf strain, commonly known as a "pulled" calf muscle, is a stretch or tear in muscles or tendons. In a typical calf strain, pain is felt immediately, and swelling and bruising often follow. Treatment usually involves applying an ice pack and elevating the injured leg. For severe strains, physical therapy is sometimes needed.

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Calf Strain (Lower Leg)Average recovery time: 23 days.
You can heal a strained calf by taking rest, applying ice, compression bandage, elevation.
1. Stop running immediately if you feel a strain in your calf area. According to the website Runner's Rescue, many runners continue to run even after the initial signs of a strain
There are many treatments for a mild calf strain injury. One of the best things to do is rest the leg and ice the injury. Light stretching and anti-inflammatory medications can also
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