How Long Does a Cat Pregnancy Last?


The typical feline pregnancy lasts about 9 weeks or 58-65 days. Cats usually have anywhere between 1 and 9 kittens in one litter. Pregnant cats are called Queens.
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Cats are pregnant for about 60 - 70 days, or 2 months.
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The average gestation for a cat is about 63 days. That is a total of 9 weeks. Their labors typically last a few hours, but can last more than 24 hours depending on the cat. Too bad
1. Spay the cat. Spaying is a simple surgical procedure performed by a veterinarian. It renders the cat surgically incapable of reproduction and also prevents her from going into
A cats pregnancy lasts 9 weeks.
The average length of cat pregnancy is 65 days. But a variation of four days
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A pregnancy in a cat will last about nine weeks or between fifty-eight to sixty-five days. On average a cat will have two to five kittens. You can find more ...
A cat's gestational period is around 65 days, give or take 4 days. This means your cat may safely and normally give birth anywhere between the 61-69 day mark. ...
The length of a pregnancy is between 58 and 65 days. The length of pregnancy varies between breeds but anything between 58 - 70 days is considered normal. A queen ...
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