How Long Does a Catholic Funeral Take?


A catholic funeral rite will take about three to four hours. During this funeral, the mass is held as usual and after the service, the body is then lowered to the grave. These funerals are known as ecclesiastical funerals in the Catholic Church.
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Catholic funeral usually lasts around an hour. The aim of the funeral is to honour and pray for the person who has died, to care for and support those who are grieving and to comfort them.
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1. Prepare to view the body of the deceased. Usually, there is a wake held at a funeral home in which you can view the body and express your condolences to the family. In some churches
Apart from the mortuary context- it is essentially a Mass like any other and has the normal Introit, entry hymn, prayers, epistle, Gospel, sermon and Communion and the various rites
The deceased is laid out at the family home or the hospital chapel,...
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