How Long Does a Chihuahua Stay Pregnant?


The normal period for a chihuahua to stay pregnant is 63 days. However, puppies can live if born as early as 57 days or as late as 72 days.
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"3 years, 200 days, and 5 hours" Smart A.. Chihuahuas stay pregnant for about 55 to 63 days. More than likely less than 60 days because they are a small breed and the puppies
Female dogs go into 4 different stages during heat. Two of the stages are if she becomes pregnant. These stages have very different activities. You can find more information here:
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Chihuahuas are usually pregnant for 60 days, more or less. The more pups she is carrying then the lesser the chance she'll go through the whole 60 days.
A Chihuahua is pregnant for 63 days or approximately 2 months just like other breeds of dogs. Most Chihuahuas will only give birth to one puppy in a litter, but they can have anywhere between 1 and 4.
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A chihuahua stays pregnant for about eight weeks. Because of their size, a chihuahua's pregnancy can become very difficult. Puppies can often get stuck in the ...
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Chihuahauas are a small breed of dog, characterized with tiny paws, noses, beady eyes, pointy ears and commonly short brown hair. They are fairly popular house ...
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