How Long Does a College Basketball Game Last?


College basketball is a popular sport with college students and basketball fans. Teams that play college basketball are in the NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association. There are three different division in the NCAA. They are Division I, Division II and Division III. A college basketball game lasts for 40 minutes, with 20 minutes allowed for each half. With the timeouts and halftime show included, the total length of the game is about 2 hours.
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2 hours. Two 20 minute halves. Overtime is 5 minutes.
A college basketball game has 2 20 minutes halves & a 15 minute
A regulation NBA game is 48 minutes. Embed Quote
There are 2 halves that last 20 minutes each. Then there is a 20 minute halftime. You also get 3 timeouts per half. Generally, with commercials and all, the game lasts about 1 1/2
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