How Long Does a Dog Live?


How long a dog lives depends greatly on the dogs breed and overall health. Small dogs tend to live less years than bigger dogs. The typical life span of a dog is about twelve to fourteen years.
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How Long Does a Dog Live?
The life expectancy of dogs varies. Assuming that your dog is in good health, has routine veterinarian care and proper nutrition, the average lifespan is around 12 years. Many factors can influence how long your dog will live.... More »
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Dogs live in a bunch of different places including kennels, houses, streets, forests, barns, and even the occasional truck. A domestic dog can live just about anywhere.
1. Remove dangerous obstacles (such as toys or pulled-out chairs) in your dog's normal walking path, especially if she has recently lost her vision. 2. Use tactile and auditory cues
1 Consider the type of breed you would like. A dog "breed" is another word for "type of dog". There are many different breeds of dogs, some that are calm and tiny
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The average lifespan for a dog is about 12.8 years with better food and better medical care. However, this duration is subject to change since certain breeds live ...
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