How Long does a Dogs Menstrual Period Last?


A female dogs heat, or menstrual cycle will last approximately three to four weeks. A female dog will usually go into heat two times a year. When I was a vet tech, we normally recommended to our clients that they wait at least two heat cycles on a female before spaying.
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As far as I know your dogs menstrual period will last between one and four weeks depending on the dog. Other factors are the breed, age, and health of the dog. Dogs like people are individuals so there is not standard length for things like this.
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A dogs period or heat lasts between two to four weeks depending on the dog. Like human females a female dog's period can vary with type of dog and amount of stress.
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What is a Menstrual Period? Menstruation is a process that begins in female mammals when they reach reproductive age. In humans, it involves the shedding of the uterine wall, which
0 days. Humans and primates are the ONLY animals who menstruate. Your dog is in heat. Dogs are in heat for 3 weeks. How long she will bleed varies from dog to dog. Tell your mother
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