How Long Does a Dryer Last?


A dryer will last several years. Dryers should hold up for at least 10 years. They need to properly been maintained and serviced if necessary. It is also important to consistently clean the lint catch as part of the maintenance procedure.
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Whether gas- or electric-powered, clothes dryers are among the most popular household appliances. Their invention forever changed the face of laundry. What was once a dreaded task
Like any machine it's longevity depends on the amount it is used. I currently have a dryer that is 9 years old and has been used twice a week for most of that time. It still looks
I know that laundry never ends...well, as long as we don't become nudists. But washers and dryers do have a life expectancy. The National Home Builders Association, a trade group
A clothes dryer will last from 11-16 years while a gas dryer sometimes lasts a
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A dryer can last for more than ten years. Many dryers today will run longer than many people will actually want to keep them. Remove the lint from the lint trap ...
Salon hood dryers are operated with a control on the side of the hood. This regulates the temperature and, in some cases, how long the dryer will work. ...
Gas dryers are considered safe as long as they are hooked up properly by a qualified technician, and are properly maintained. If a person ever smells gas and they ...
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