How Long Does a Female Yorkie's Heat Last?


A female Yorkie that is in heat can begin as young as 5 months old or as late as 14 months. Each cycle of a Yorkie that is in heat would be between 2 to 4 weeks. Take note that the Yorkie will be at her most fertile stage about 10 to 14 days during her cycle.
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A yorkie is usually in heat for three weeks.
You are NOT ready to be a breeder. If you are serious about breeding then get this one desexed, do a lot of research, find yourself a responsible Yorkshire Terrier breeder as a mentor
Veronica, I am going to assume that this is her first heat. The usual period of time is one week before the heat the female organ begins to swell during this time a light heat may
Heat in a cat lasts 3-14 days (average of one week). If the female is not
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Yorkies, as with all female dogs, are generally in heat for a period of 21 days. They typically have a heat cycle about every six months. ...
If you have a female Yorkie, when she is in heat she will bleed. This usually takes about 21 days. Every week is a new cycle for the dog and when they are over ...
A female yorkie will go into heat once or twice a year once she becomes of the right age. When a yorkie is in heat, this means that she can become pregnant. This ...
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