How Long Does a Fly Live?


The life cycle of the common housefly is about three to five weeks total. You see, first the female lays the eggs. Then within a day larvae, or maggots hatch from the eggs. The larvae live for about one week, then the transformation takes place. This is actually known as a complete metamorphosis. This change transforms the larvae into adult fly. The adults will live from two to four weeks, depending on the environment. You can find more information here:
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mosqueto. A fruit fly is pretty short lived which is the reason scientists use the in experiments.
Several species of louse, including the head louse, crab louse and hog louse, feed on mammals' blood. Head lice are a common childhood parasite and crab lice primarily infest the
A lifespan for a fly is about 15 to 30 days. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Flies live in garbage and wherever animal feces are available. Dead animals attract flies within
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House fly adults normally live about two and a half weeks during the summer, but they can survive up to three months at lower temperatures.
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There are over 500 different species of fruit flies around the world and the average lifespan for most fruit flies is less than two months. ...
A house fly will only live for 3 days. Thank god, because they can be a nuance. The best thing to do is get a fly trap, instead of smashing it all over with a ...
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