How Long Does a Fractured Vertebrae Take to Heal?


The length of time that it takes to heal from a fractured vertebrae all depends on the severity of the fracture and how much rest you get. If it is a minor fracture, and you get plenty of rest, it can take only two weeks. If it is a major fracture, and you get plenty of rest, it can take up to 10 weeks to heal.
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Maybe 6 to 12 weeks. But I'm thinking more towards 8 weeks plus.
1. Rest. Immobilize the fractured bone as much as possible. If your doctor does not use a cast or brace, he or she might use a simple splint to keep the bone from moving. If for some
This depends on the type of fracture, whether there was any impingement on the spinal canal or neural formina, and any resultant neurologic deficits. For compression fractures without
Fractured vertebrae occur when one or more of the actual spinal bones break or crack.
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