How Long Does a Hickey Last?


A hickey fades when one's body heals; hence, its rate of healing primarily depends on the body's reaction. Also known as a love bite, a hickey is a broken blood vessel, which is beneath the skin and it is caused by biting the skin forcefully to burst ones blood vessels.
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A hickey is a broken blood vessel under the skin. It resembles a bruise and fades when your body heals. Some people heal swiftly, while other people heal slowly, thus it all depends upon your own body.
How long a hickey lasts depends on the person on the receiving and how fast their body heals and also the aggressiveness of the giver. Sometimes the bites can last for up to a week or more.
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Here is how to make a hickey go away; Apply an icy compress immediately. If the hickey lasts for beyond 48 hours, apply wet or warm compresses to decrease any ...
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