How Long Does a Perforated Eardrum Take to Heal?


It takes about two months for a perforated eardrum to heal. Although it heals by itself, even then it is better to take painkillers and antibiotics to ease the discomfort. Surgery is another option.
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Yeah. ask the Otolaryngologist about it and see what he says, until then. don't do anything stupid that might risk your ear!
A small perforation will generally heal itself, however the risks of waiting include infection of the middle ear (an intact ear drum keeps fluids and contamination out) and hearing
Not medical advice call NHS direct 08454647. A perforation or rupture in the eardrum is very common and usually heals within a few months.
In general, the larger the hole in the eardrum, the greater the temporary loss of hearing. The location of the perforation also affects the degree of hearing loss.
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