How Long Does a Person Have to Press Charges?


The length of time a person has to press charges will depend on the crime that they felt was committed against them. Their is a statue of limitations on certain crimes. Once the time has passed, charges can no longer be pressed. Some crimes such as murder for example do not have a statue of limitations.
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The decision to press charges is yours to make for any number of reasons. To press charges, you need to go to the police department and file a complaint. The police will ask you to
Anyone can report abuse. Only police and district attorneys can file charges.
1. If you are the victim of a crime or a witness to a crime, dial 911 and tell the operator you need the police. Direct the police to where the alleged crime happened. Tell the police
1 Contact the police. You can call the police station or for emergency assistance during, or immediately after, the incident occurs. You can also go to the police station to talk
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There is a statue of limitations that you have to go by depending on the state in which you reside in. Check with your local District Attorney to see what the ...
From what I have found it appears that the person is released from police custody if the person presses charged decides that they no longer want to press charges ...
Slander is part of the overall charge of defamation of character. Pressing charges for slander entails that the accused has orally defamed a person's character ...
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