How Long Does a Representative Serve?


A representative in the House of Representatives serves for a two year term. The U.S. Congress consists of two legislative bodies: the House of Representatives, considered the lower house, and the Senate, considered the upper house. A senator on the other hand serves for a six year term.
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You must be at least 25 years of age, a US citizen for at least 7 years, and must be a resident of the state you're running for office in.
Patient Representatives usually have a history of the disease for which a new treatment will be discussed, with the ability to effectively communicate patient concerns. In some cases
The Congress senators (2/state) and representatives (based upon state population)
Found and answered my own question: At least 77 women in the House (with two seats still pending) - 18% 20 women in the Senate - 20% Source: Women Candidates Made Historic Gains
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Members in the House of Representatives serve terms of two years at a time. Unlike the Office of the President, there are no limits on the number of terms a representative ...
The United States House of Representatives is one of two houses that make up the United States Congress. Representatives and delegates of the House serve two-year ...
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