How Long Does a Slipped Disc Take to Heal?


Recovery from a slipped disc generally takes four to six weeks. To recover from a slipped disc, you need to do some gentle exercises, and take some painkilling medication. Examples of simple exercises to perform include swimming and walking.
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A slipped disc is where the disc in the back does slip a little. The back spine has what are called discs and when one of these comes out of place they call it a slipped disc. They
Relax, you will be ok. A spine specialist is the best for this or a nuero surgeon. There is an operation where they remove the disk and fuse the vertebrae together. Or, sometimes
It depends on how severely the disc has been slipped. If you think you
1. The foremost step in treating a herniated disk is to consult with a doctor. Roughly 10 percent of patients who suffer a herniated disk eventually have to undergo corrective surgery
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Generally speaking, it can take from one to six months for a herniated disc to heal. They are usually left to naturally heal on their own before intervention with ...
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