How Long Does a Smog Check Take?


Smog checks greatly reduce the amount of air pollution produced by motor vehicles. Usually, a smog check will only take about thirty minutes. If your vehicle does not pass the standard smog check, you may have to have repairs done so it will pass.
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To pass the smog check, make sure that your vehicle is running correctly, and the check engine light is turned off. If the light is on, you will automatically fail. There are rumors
1. Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles or auto-repair shop for smog check requirements in your state. 2. If your state requires certification by a mechanic, take your
It is to see if the car is safe for the environment.
1 Understand why your vehicle needs to undergo a smog check. In an effort to reduce carbon emissions that lead to global warming, many states are being proactive in regulating pollutants
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