How Long Does a Sprained Shoulder Take to Heal?


A sprained shoulder ill typically heal in a few weeks, unless there is a severe injury that may require surgery. The best treatment for the sprain is rest and ice.
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How long a sprained shoulder takes to heal can vary greatly. It can take 7 to 21 days for the strain to completely heal. There are steps you can take to help the healing process.
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The best way to heal a sprained ankle is to keep your weight off of it. Using crutches and or not walking on it will help the healing process. Wrapping the ankle in athletic tape
If you limit the activity and ice it, you should heal in 3-6 weeks.
Your doctor may recommend a brace either before
1. Tape two strips of athletic tape over the shoulder covering the AC joint. The strips should run mid-chest to mid-back. These two strips will act as an anchor for the support strips
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