How Long Does It Take for a Toenail to Grow Back?


Toenails take 6-9 months to grow back if there is no permanent damage. A new toenail grows to replace an older one that may have been removed or has rotten off. One should use friendly footwear which does not exert undue pressure on the toe to facilitate its growth.
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1 Get a large bowl and fill it with warm water to put your feet in. Be sure the water is comfortable, not hot. Ad
I wished my fingernails would grow & be as hard as my toenails! Toenails grow faster than fingernails. Toenails only grows 1mm a month while your fingernails grow around 3mm a
When summer rolls around you want your toenails to look as good as you do; unfortunately for you, winter has forced you to wear shoes and created a moist environment for fungus to
umm.well if you leave the toe that doesn't have a nail exposed it'll take.about 4 somtimes to 12 months to fully be back and strong. If you keep it wrapped up in a baindaid with some
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Toenails grow very slowly and only at a rate of about 1 millimeter per month. The rate of growth for the toenail will really depend on things such as genetic traits ...
Toenails grow in fairly slowly, much slower than fingernails do. The time it takes for the nails to grow will depend on several factors. It will depend on things ...
It takes approximately one month for a grass lizard to grow its tail back. For some larger lizards, it can take up to a year for their tail to grow back. The grass ...
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