How Long Does a Torn Calf Muscle Take to Heal?


A torn calf muscle takes about three months to heal. Since torn calf muscles range from grade one injury to grade three, rest is required immediately so as not to allow it to progress to a higher grade. Grade one requires a three week rest while a grade two requires between four and six weeks rest.
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I wish there was a magic pill or something,to heal a torn calf
1. Stop what you are doing immediately. If you feel a strain, a pulling sensation or a pop in your calf, then you need to stop whatever physical activity you are doing right away.
One might expect that sort of injury to take around 2 months to heal.
1. Realize that the calf muscle is actually made up of two muscles that are attached to the Achilles tendon in the posterior lower leg. These two muscles are the gastrocnemius and
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