How Long Does a Torn Muscle Take to Heal?


The length of time it takes for a muscle to heal is dependent on the type of tear and the health conditions of the individual. Generally, a first degree tear should take approximately seven to ten days, while a second degree tear can take up to four weeks. On the other hand, severe tears can take months of treatment to heal properly.
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Ouch! That type of injury is sooo painful. What you are feeling may be a normal response to the healing process, but any abnormal muscle mass should be reported to and examined by
It takes about 3 to 6 weeks for a torn or pulled muscle to heel pro...
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How Long Does It Take a Torn Muscle to Heal?
Muscle strains range in severity from a mild tear to a more severe injury requiring surgery. The recovery time for muscle tears varies based on the injury. Recovery for torn muscles also varies depending on which muscle is damaged, and the care the tear... More »
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