How Long Does a Torn Muscle Take to Heal?


The length of time it takes for a muscle to heal is dependent on the type of tear and the health conditions of the individual. Generally, a first degree tear should take approximately seven to ten days, while a second degree tear can take up to four weeks. On the other hand, severe tears can take months of treatment to heal properly.
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1. Ice the injured area every three hours for the first three days of the injury. Leave the ice pack on for 30 minutes each time. After the first few days, the serious pain will likely
i hope it hasn't been a long time since you had your tear! i had an accident about 10 months ago and tore a muscle in my lower leg. i stayed off of it for a long time, a couple of
Avoid moving the strained/tored muscle to prevent further injury. Especially within the first 36 hours, a crucial healing period, make sure to protect the affected area. Crutches,
I had surgery to repair it. My doctor said 3 months. Embed Quote
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