How Long Does Aftershave Last?


An aftershave fragrance will stay on you for about four hours. You will need to re-apply it so as to keep the scent consistent. The scent will last longer on people with oily skin than people who have dry skin.
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Aftershave are product ploys made from the cosmetic industry to make money out of you. You do not need one. One that lasts all that? Well, is that not wishful thinking. NONE. If you
I used to use Chanel blue which lasted all day and my girlfriend loved it.
Apply the scent to your skin. The best places to apply are at the left and right sides of your neck, chest, and at the the crease of your arm - just below your biceps. Now, simply
According to reviews from Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Aftershave does last all day. It is a fragrance that can be used for casual or formal wear.
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