How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?


The length of time that alcohol withdrawal will last depends on the severity of the original alcohol problem. Many people start to see an improve after 48 hours, although symptoms can still last 4-12 days after cessation of alcohol use. Some people will continue to have some issues from withdrawal even a year after stopping the ingestion of alcohol.
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It sounds like a mild form of the DT's - you might not have the best night's sleep tonight, but that won't happen again. You should be fine from then on. Source(s): have experienced
Length of time for alcohol withdrawals to begin and end: Alcohol Detoxification If you would like to know more about alcohol withdrawal symptoms and diagnosis, and about alcohol withdrawal
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How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?
Detoxification (detox) from alcohol varies in length and severity depending on the amount and length of time the alcohol has been consumed. Symptoms will be both mental and physical beginning very shortly after the last drink. Within hours, a heavy... More »
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Alcohol withdrawal can last 5-7 days. It will present like having a cold and you will experience sweating, headaches, sick to your stomach, and the craving will be there making you want to drink. After the withdrawal symptoms go away it gets much easier.
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