How Long Does an Average Volleyball Game Last?


Volleyball games are extremely exciting and fun to watch. Depending on what level of volleyball you are watching, the game time can vary. Most high school or college games last about an hour to two hours.
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if there are 5 games about 3 hrs. if there are 3 games about 2 hrs.
College Volleyball games are best of 5 games, with the first 4 games going to 25, the 5th game 15.
Volleyball is a score based game so it could possibly go on a long
On international level, cricket is played in three versions. A test match has a duration of maximum of 5 days (8 hours each day including breaks). It can end early (ends as a draw
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According to the Guinness Book of world records the longest recorded volleyball game was 60 hours. An average game lasts between 25/30 minutes. A rally volleyball ...
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