How Long Does an Earthquake Last?


An earthquake can last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. It depends on the magnitude of the earthquake. The 7.0 earthquake in Haiti lasted about 30 seconds.
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The last earthquake was November 13, 2009 at 3:05 GMT in Tarapaca, Chile. There is an earthquake every day in one part of the world or another; some more severe than othes. For more
The Loma Prieta Earthquake (October 17, 1989) was quite devastating: The Marina (San Francisco neighborhood) had a serious fire that destroyed several homes and killed some people
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The Sumatra earthquake lasted between 500 and 600 seconds. That is much longer than the average few seconds that many earthquakes last. This earthquake created ...
It has never been established exactly how long the Bam earthquake took but it would appear that the strong motion only lasted about 8 seconds. The magnitude 6.6 ...
The Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan lasted for 30 seconds and it recorded a 7.6 magnitude. More than 8000 people died and a large number of casualties were reported ...
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