How Long Does an Executor Have to Execute a Will?


A will is a legal document that a person draws up to manage their estate after their death. This is usually done by an attorney after the person tells them how they want their estate distributed. It could involve the transfer of property or passing on an inheritance. They are also known as a last will and testament. An executor is the person who reads the will and takes care of the distribution. How long an executor has to execute the will will depend on if it goes to probate or not.
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It should be done as soon as possible.
Executed" is past tense implying that the contract is
Hire a probate attorney. He will be paid from thee estate. They can not hold up probate.
Each state has it's own probate laws and some states have different kinds of probate. While there is no general rule on how long it takes to execute a will, the executor not only
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