How long does benzoylecgonine stay in your system?


Benzoylecgonine can stay in your system any where from one to five days - the difference in the number of days depends on how long you have been taking the drug.
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I smoked crack five days ago. It was the first time since about one year ago that I did some. And I have not smoked anymore since five days ago. I gave myself an immunassay home drug
The drug benzoylecgonine can stay in your system for up
The correct answer is 2 to 3 days, and a day or two longer from heavy use. I can't believe all the misinformation on this message board about drug testing. Source(s)
Not medical advice: Cocaine stays in your body for approximately 2-3 days after you ingest it, no matter the amount. Benzoylecgonine stays longer around 8 days. report this answer
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