How Long Does Chicken Pox Last?


The illness in children typically lasts between four and seven days, with the lesions popping up through day five. The spots scab over and are normally no longer itching a few days after scabbing. Generally a person has the chickenpox for about two or three weeks before spots start to even show up. During this period, the person is spreading the illness without even knowing it.
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Chickenpox Treatment
Most individuals diagnosed with chickenpox will be advised to control comfort while waiting for the virus to pass through the system. Parents will be told to keep children out of school and daycare to prevent spread of the virus. Infected adults will... More »
Chicken poxs or medically called the Herpes Zoster virus normally last from five to seven days. The infected person is most contagious the day prior to breaking out and twenty four hours after the blisters have crusted over.
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