How Long Does Cough Last after Pneumonia?


A cough can last and linger around for weeks after pneumonia. If the cough is getting worse and not better, another trip to the doctor is in order.
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A cough from pneumonia should only last 7-10 days after the antibotics are finished, if that long! If you are still experiencing a cough, you should check with your doctor. The pneumonia
It sounds kind of odd, doesn't it? Of course you know how to cough, you've been doing it your entire life. When you were small you were taught to cover your mouth when you coughed,
I had pneumonia last year, and I had a cough that last for a little more than a month. You are just clearing out your lungs again. It does go away when everything is cleaned out.
With a flu, a post-viral cough may persist for up to eight weeks, w...
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