How Long Does Cystitis Last?


Cystitis can last between 2-4 days on average and is accompanied with pain and discomfort. Over the counter pain medication is recommended to ease the discomfort and doctors recommend drinking cranberry juice to relieve some of the symptoms. Cystitis is most common in women, but children and men have been know to suffer from it occasionally. Men who suffer from cystitis should always get checked because it can be much more serious like prostate infections or worse. Always remember to consult your general practitioner for advice.
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Usually about 1 week. If not infectious (as "Honeymoon cystitis" antibiotics are not needed and you can buy over-the counter meds like phenazopyridine or AZO-Standard as
You need to see your doctor for an antiobiotic because this is a bacterial infection. Drinking a lot of cranberry juice and water will help you recover faster, but you also need medicine
You need to get back to the doctors to get the correct diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes, cystitis can mask a venerial disease, that is why it is important to get seen by an MD.
Not medical advice, see GP if concerned or call NHS Direct: 08454647. Bacterial cystitis is most common type. Duration varies Acc to treatment (few days)
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