How Long Does Diphenhydramine Stay in Your System?


Diphenhydramine can stay in your system for as long as 3 days. Some people have built a tolerance to these drugs, and feel themselves back at their baseline in only a few short hours. When taking Diphenhydramine, keep in mind that it will make you tired, and you should not operate machinery or drive.
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Diphenhydramine stays in your system for at least 5 hours. Have a
Not Medical Advice: The average dose of diphenhydramine is effective between 4 & 6 hours. It completely disappears from the body 24hrs after it is administered.
Assuming you're an adult, it should stay in your system for approximately 9.2 hours (give or take 2.5 hours) It doesn't matter how much you take because your body metabolizes all
eh like 8 hours or less took 10 like 2 hours ago..................................................all
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Diphenhydramine: Dosage
Take this medicine by mouth with a full glass of water. Follow the directions on the prescription label. Take your doses at regular intervals. Do not take your medicine more often than directed. To prevent motion sickness start taking this More »
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