How Long Does Disposable Camera Film Last?


The duration of time for which disposable camera film lasts is quite a remarkable, and in some cases it can be more than 30 years. The duration of time for which it lasts depends upon how and where it its stored. It is advised to store the film in a dry and cool place, which is not above 70 Fahrenheit.
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1. Remove the outside cardboard and paper casing from your disposable camera. You might need to cut it away with scissors. 2. Unscrew the screws or unclasp the clasps that are holding
Cut it up with some scissors.
The interwebs says it's around 1/125 second and f/8 to f/16. This makes sense--on a sunny day, f/16 at 1/400 would be appropriate for ISO 400 (according to the "sunny 16"
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