How long does express shipping take?


Express shipping takes an average of 1-3 business days for the package to arrive at its destination. Regardless of the shipping carrier, express shipping is the fastest method of shipping a package or letter.

Express shipping is available domestically and internationally, so the exact shipping times vary. For domestic express shipping, a package frequently takes 1-3 days to arrive at its destination. Most often, domestic express shipping arrives the following day. However, for international shipments, it can take up to 4 business days for the package to arrive. Express shipping is often the only type of shipping method that goes out on Sundays, while first class and priority only goes out Monday through Saturday.

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1. Complete a paper air bill, label or shipping form. The conventional shipping forms are made of NCR paper, which produces triplicate forms, and comes with barcodes and tracking
Express shipping is more expensive than normal shipping because the thing you ordered arrives earlier.
If you use UPS shipping, they have an overnight guarantee for their express shipping.
You should conduct an RFP - USPS, Express 1, FedEX and UPS and then base your decision from there. A lot of people assume USPS is cheaper than FedEx or UPS but that is not necessarily
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