How Long Does Fin Rot Last?


Fin rot takes about 2 weeks to fully recover though factors such as severity and the number of fish affected determine the exact recovery time. Fin rot is characterised by fish fin that have small holes and which grow thinner or more transparent. Fin rot is a bacterial infection caused by lavobacterium columnare, Aeromonas or Pseudomonas.
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1. Whether you are just putting together a fish tank or you are reworking an existing setup, the first thing you should do is buy the right tank size. First, figure out the types
1 Catch it early. The earlier you catch fin rot, the better the prognosis for the affected fish will be. Fortunately, fin rot does not appear to be contagious and is often found in
Fin rot is a symptom of disease in fish; it is not hard to treat, and the fish usually will survive. Most common in the fancy varieties of goldfish and Bettas, fin rot can occur as
( ′fin ′rät ) (veterinary medicine) A bacterial disease of hatchery fishes characterized by necrosis and erosion of the fin tissue.
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