How long should grout cure before it is sealed?


Depending on the type of grout used for the particular application, it can require several days of drying, or curing, time before sealant should be applied. The location of the tiled area will also help determine curing time.

Different types of grout are applied in different tiling jobs and areas of a home, and the variety of grout will dictate the curing process it must undergo before sealant is applied. There are two types of grout commonly used in homes: epoxy and cement-based. According to Grout Masters, cement-based or sanded grout made from rock particulate requires 48 hours of curing time. In contrast, epoxy grout, made from resin, does not require sealer. Instead, it needs approximately two weeks of curing time before it can be cleaned with chemicals or used in a humid area, such as a shower.

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How Long Does Tile Grout Need to Cure Before it Can Be Sealed?
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