How Long Does International Airmail Take?


According to the Royal Mail, an international airmail takes approximately three days to reach Western Europe, five days to reach the Eastern Europe and seven days to world wide destinations. Prices begin from as little as 68 pence for a postcard or letter weighing up to 20g.
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1. Go to the "USPS Track and Confirm" website (link provided in the resources) This web page allows users to track, trace and confirm the delivery of International mail
International Registered Airmail post service provides extra security for letters, documents and merchandise with signature on delivery.Therefore there are very less chances of the
All overseas mail goes "by air" so any difference in the cost (from domestic mail here in US) would depend on what country it is going to. I think.
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If it is a small parcel or a letter, then the Royal Mail states that it would take an average of three to five days to arrive at its destination. Considering this ...
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