How Long Does It Take a Broken Tailbone to Heal?


How long it takes for a broken tailbone, or coccyx, to heal will depend on how proactive the patient is with resting the area. Excessive use of the tailbone while healing will delay the process. With rest, relaxation, ice packs, and the use of air cushions, a fractured tailbone can heal in about 2 months. Those recovering from a broken tailbone should not sit for long periods of time.
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The tailbone, known by the medical community as the coccyx, is located at the end of the spinal column. The tailbone is well protected in the body and not easily prone to severe injury
When you have a broken tail bone the common way for it to heal is on it's own, go
There really is nothing to do for fractured tail bone but to give it time. Try to use cushions to keep the pressure off it when you are sitting. Ice will help right after the injury
Not Med Advice: Bruised tailbones can take days to heal. Broken tailbones can take 4-6 weeks to heal.
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The best way to heal a bruised tail bone at home is to keep pressure of it and to give it time to heal. As long as nothing is broken that is the only thing that ...
A bruised tailbone takes four to six weeks to heal unless it is a really serious injury. Normally a patient is asked to rest, keep activity level low especially ...
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