How Long Does It Take a Cold to Incubate?


A common cold will have a varying incubation period which greatly depends on the type of cold. There are over 200 different variations of the common cold and each is unique in some way or another. The typical incubation period will last from 10 to 12 hours however, while a common influenza virus will have an incubation period ranging anywhere from one day to one week. More information on these illnesses can be found at symptom checker websites online.
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Even a single virus particle affecting a single cell can cause a viral infection. The virus particle starts reproducing and once the infected cell dies, the virus spreads to other
The incubation period for the common cold is 24 to 72 hours. After
depends on what type of cold you have, the incubation period is usually two days for the common cold. but each bug differs. have a lemsip, wrap up warm, and lets hope it goes away
Well, there is no real way to find out, but a test was conducted on that once. Ten couples were to kiss for a minute straight with one of each couple sick with a cold. Only three
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