How Long Does It Take a Lima Bean to Germinate?


The amount of time that it takes a lima bean to germinate is between one and three weeks. You should plant the bean in well drained soil that is kept moist. Plant the bean one inch down in the soil.
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How Long Does it Take a Lima Bean to Germinate?
Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus) look like snap beans when they grow, and they develop as either vining or bush-like plants. Not tolerant of frost, lima bean seeds are sown in moist, fertile soil that is at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit.... More »
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A lima bean takes only about five days to germinate when in the right conditions. The soil has to be moist, and at a proper temperature.
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1. Use a biodegradable pot such as a peat pot to start lima bean seeds indoors. This allows you to move the plants into the garden without disturbing the roots. 2. Fill the pots with
2 days.
5 days. Lima bean seeds require soil temperatures of at least 65
A Lima bean is known as the Phaseolus lunatus. It is a legume that is grown for the seed with is the part of the pant we eat. It is also called the butter bean. You can find more
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The germination period for a lima bean is approximately seven to twenty-one days, depending on the conditions and the soil they are planted in. ...
Lima beans only take five to six days to germinate but to actually see some kind of crop it can take up to sixty days. It is best to plant many at once because ...
1. Wait until the soil in your garden warms to at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit before planting Lima beans. Lima beans will not sprout if the temperatures in your ...
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