How Long Does It Take a Monarch Caterpillar to Turn in to a Monarc Butterfly?


When a monarch butterfly is about 2 inches long, it will stop eating and find a place on which to pupate. The caterpillar will then form a chrysalis. About 10-12 days after the chrysalis forms it will become transparent and a damp adult butterfly will emerge. The butterfly should be able to fly as soon as it's wings are dry.
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The caterpillar that turns into a Monarch
1. Place the caterpillar or chrysalis into a plastic aquarium. You will also need to clip a large portion of the plant on which the caterpillar was found - this will serve as its
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For verifications purposes I have to point out that a monarch butterfly does not turn into a cocoon-ever! That would be taking a step backwards, rather the caterpillar ...
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