How Long Does It Take a Pinched Nerve to Heal?


How long it takes for a pinched nerve to heal depends on how much the nerve was damaged. It also depends on the location of the nerve. It may take anywhere from a week to a few months. 
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1. Rest the area that is bothering you as much as you can. Sometimes a pinched nerve is a short-lived problem that will resolve itself. Resting can help encourage the healing process
Treatment of a pinched nerve is directed at relieving the pain and/or inflammation and
All I know it's been more than 5 months with unbearable pain and so far I had 3 shoots and an arthroscopic surgery with no luck .My orthopedic is recommending that I see a neurologist
Incorrect Posture: Correct posture not only can help relieve a pinched nerve, it can often prevent you from getting a pinched nerve in the first place.
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