How Long Does It Take a Surgical Incision to Heal?


Speaking as a medic, surgical incisions can vary greatly in their healing times. Generally, when we make a surgical incision, we try to cut along the lines of skin tension; this ensures there will be minimal need for the body to grow excessive amounts of scar tissue to mend the incision. The length and depth of the incision also have an important effect. If the incision cut through blood vessels or was done in a jagged manner, this will increase the healing time by weeks.
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Skin protrusion from a healing wound may be caused if the two opposing edges are not approximated properly. It may also result from excessive granulation tissue with fibrosis and
1. Keep the bandage on for at least the first few days. According to the American Academy of. Family. Physicians, most surgical wounds don't need to be covered for more than a few
Not Medical Advice: It depends on the location of the incision, Ex: A C-section takes up to 6 weeks.
You should plan to inspect your incision daily until it closes completely and your surgeon indicates that you have finished healing from your surgery. How To Inspect Your Incision
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